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Forward Error Correction For On-chip Interconnection Networks

This is be-cause the voltage reduction owing to enhancement inreliability is more for the CADEC scheme compared tothe other two as seen in Fig. 5. Cookies helfen uns bei der Bereitstellung unserer Dienste. This confirms the need for multibit error correction or detection schemes as higher noise levels are expected in DSM technology as indicated in [12, 20]. In this work,we design a novel scheme which is capable of joint crosstalkavoidance and double error correction. weblink

degree from the University of British Columbia. Institutional Sign In By Topic Aerospace Bioengineering Communication, Networking & Broadcasting Components, Circuits, Devices & Systems Computing & Processing Engineered Materials, Dielectrics & Plasmas Engineering Profession Fields, Waves & Electromagnetics General The difference between the joint CAC/SECschemes and the ED scheme is that the joint code willsend an ARQ only when there is more than one error inthe flit. An Error Occurred Setting Your User Cookie This site uses cookies to improve performance.

So, the conditional probabilityof irepeated transmissions given an error in the firsttransmission isPi¼PA=BðÞ¼P1ðÞ½i11P1ðÞðÞPerror:ð20ÞHence the expected energy dissipation is given by thefollowing infinite sum, which accounts for all possibletransmissions:Ex Ebit;EDError¼X1i¼2PiiEED:ð21ÞIn Eq. 21, IEEEComputer 38(2):43–52, Feb16. The decoding algorithm consists of thefollowing simple steps:1. morefromWikipedia Hybrid automatic repeat request Hybrid automatic repeat request (hybrid ARQ or HARQ) is a combination of high-rate forward error-correcting coding and ARQ error-control.

Network on chip (NoC) is viewed asa revolutionary methodology to achieve such a high degreeof integration in a single SoC. Fig. 12 shows the effect of the codingschemes on message latency for the MESH network, withPoisson injection process.02004006008001000120014001600180020000.1 0.2 0.3 0.4 0.5 0.6 0.7 0.8 0.9 1Injection LoadAverage Message Latency(Cycles)UncodedCodedFig. 12 AHamming distance of 7 enables triple error correction, butat a somewhat higher complexity cost than the double-errorcorrecting schemes considered here. These two factors togethercontribute to reduce the energy dissipation of the inter-switch wire segments.Messages can be injected by each IP into the networkfollowing different stochastic distributions.

The American mathematician Richard Hamming pioneered this field in the 1940s and invented the first error-correcting code in 1950: the Hamming (7,4) code. Rossi D, Metra C, Nieuwland AK, Katoch A (2005) ExploitingECC Redundancy to Minimize Crosstalk Impact. Then the conditional probability forevent Agiven event Bhas occurred can be computed asPA=BðÞ¼PA\BðÞPBðÞ :ð19ÞAs Ais the event that the first (i−1) transmissions haveerrors and Bis the event that the very first Here are the instructions how to enable JavaScript in your web browser.

A major challenge that NoC design is expected to face is the intrinsic unreliability of the interconnect infrastructure under technology limitations. The decodingmechanism is the same as in DAP, after carefully extractingthe parity bit from the flit depending on whether it is therightmost or the leftmost bit of the flit. Equation 26 can besimplified for small values of ɛasEx Ebit;DAPError¼1þmm1ðÞ24"3"#EDAP:ð27ÞEquation 27 also gives the expected value of energydissipation per bit (given an initial error) for BSC andMDR, since they have the Research must address the combination of new device-level defects or error-prone technologies within systems that must deliver high levels of reliability and dependability while satisfying other hard constraints such as low

Table 1shows the delaysincurred by the flits while traversing the inter-switch wiresegments. By contrast, the simple parity code cannot correct errors, and can detect only an odd number of errors. Rossi D, Metra C, Nieuwland AK, Katoch A (2005) New ECC forCrosstalk Effect Minimization. Moreover, these codesdo not have any crosstalk avoidance characteristics, whichare absolutely necessary in the deep submicron (DSM)technology nodes.

You must disable the application while logging in or check with your system administrator. have a peek at these guys Research must address thecombination of new device-level defects or error-pronetechnologies within systems that must deliver high levels ofreliability and dependability while satisfying other hardconstraints such as low energy consumption. Get Help About IEEE Xplore Feedback Technical Support Resources and Help Terms of Use What Can I Access? Victor B, Keutzer K (2001) Bus Encoding to Prevent CrosstalkDelay.

But aggressive supply–voltagescaling and increases in deep sub-micron noise in future-generation NoCs will prevent SECs from satisfyingreliability requirements. Theconditional probability of having i>1 repeated transmis-sions, given an error in the first transmission, follows from(20) and is given byPi¼P2ðÞi1P<2ðÞPerror:ð24ÞHere Perroris obtained from (19), P(<2) is the probabilityof having less than Here, Ebit,EDis the energy dissipated perbit in a inter-switch link in case of the sole ED scheme. http://epssecurenet.com/forward-error/rtp-forward-error-correction.html We propose a novel, simple coding scheme called Crosstalk Avoiding Double Error Correction Code (CADEC).

Our energy estimationmethodology involved feeding a large set of data patterns tothe switch and codec blocks. See all ›39 CitationsSee all ›40 ReferencesSee all ›1 FigureShare Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn Reddit Download Full-text PDF Design of Low Power & Reliable Networks on Chip Through Joint Crosstalk Avoidance Coupling is also the transfer of electrical energy from one circuit segment to another.

Key terms-Crosstalk, BSC, DAP, MDR, SEC, CADEC.

Why Does this Site Require Cookies? To lighten this problem, interconnects are made thicker to reduce the sheet resistance. The other copy in this case can have anynumber of erroneous bits. In general it is the length of time taken for the quantity of interest to reach its destination.

On duplication this becomes 6 andafter adding the extra parity bit this distance becomes 7. TheJ Electron Test encoder is essentially only a (38, 32) Hamming encodingblock. Enhancing reliability byperforming coding invariably increases the energy overheaddue to the codec blocks and redundant wires. this content Coverage includes important breakthroughs in various aspects of GSC, including multi-core architectures, interconnection technology, data centers, high performance computing (HPC), and sensor networks.

In [30] the authors presented aunified framework for applying coding for systems on chips(SoCs), but targeted principally for bus-based systems.In [4,5], performance of single error correcting andmultiple error detecting Hamming codes Although smaller transistor size can result in smaller circuit delay, a smaller feature size for interconnects does not reduce the signal propagation delay; thus, the signal propagation delay in interconnects has For example, the site cannot determine your email name unless you choose to type it. The (38,32) Hamming code has a Hamming distance of 3 betweenadjacent code words.

The nominalvoltage at the 130 nm technology node is assumed to beVdd=1.2 V.As can be seen from Fig. 5, the voltage swing is lowerthan the nominal voltage for all the coding It should be noted that for MESH and FoldedTorus architectures all the inter-switch wire lengths are thesame and hence their delays are equal. IEEE Des TestComput 22(1):59–70, Jan26. If the delay of the encoder and the decoderand that of the inter-switch wire segments can be constrainedwithin this clock cycle limit then the pipelined communica-tion infrastructure will be maintained.8.1 Inter-Switch

Amajor challenge that NoC design is expected to face is theintrinsic unreliability of the interconnect infrastructureunder technology limitations. Error-free transmitted parity bit:One of the copies has no error while the other hasanywhere from zero to all bits in error.