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Format Error Mkfs.ocfs2 1.2.7

It also reads the region to maintain a nodemap of live nodes. ocfs2.ko ocfs2_dlm.ko ocfs2_dlmfs.ko ocfs2_nodemanager.ko configfs.ko (only Enterprise Linux 4, shipped in 5) debugfs.ko (only Enterprise Linux 4, shipped in 5) What tools are installed with ocfs2-tools 1.2? Let's first do it using the command-line, then I'll show how to include it in the /etc/fstab to have it mount on each boot. The default shell will be used - /bin/bash Set Password passwd oracle 4.9 Oracle required directory creation Oracle software will be installed on the internal disk, in file system /u01. http://epssecurenet.com/format-error/format-error-occurred-at-offset-low-level-format.html

Yes, current software addresses block numbers with 32 bits. I’m formatting with the following command (using ocfs2-tools 1.3.9) mkfs.ocfs2 --fs-feature-level=default -N 10 -T mail -L webcast /dev/sdc1 Would this be appropriate or are there other directives I should give? SYSTEM FILES What are system files? Upgrade to RHEL 5.11 with nz-hostmgmt-v5.3.2.1_Disk6.iso Installing SQL Extensions 7.2 Upgrade to RHEL 5.7 with IBM 5_7upgrade.tar.z file Upgrade to RHEL 5.9 with nz-hostmgmt-v5.0.1_Disk2.iso Upgrade to RHEL 5.10 with nz-hostmgmt-v5.0.1_Disk2.iso Upgrading

Check server configuration for startup has OCFS2 and O2CB as “on” for runlevels 3 and 5: chkconfig -list o2cb o2cb 0:off 1:off 2:on 3:on 4:on 5:on 6:off chkconfig -list ocfs2 ocfs2 This should not only prevent nodes from hanging during fencing but also allow for nodes to quickly restart and rejoin the cluster. To access OCFS volumes on 2.6 kernels (SLES9/SLES10/RHEL4), you will need the FSCat tools, fsls and fscp. Why do some files have numbers at the end?

Restoring an oracle database, very basic. Please, could you take a look at this and point me the actions I have to take to solve this trouble? After going through the install, you loaded the OCFS2 module into the kernel and then formatted the clustered file system. Wisdomforce reports that Netezza Driver cannot be loaded.

Check 'dmesg' for more information on this error. The datavolume option ensures that the Oracle processes opens these files with the o_direct flag. Simple and Fast. DRBD is configured and tested, im able to mount the device with the role Primary/Primary with no trouble.

Failure to do this could cause the partition to be lost and the resize fail. This process needs to be completed on both Oracle RAC nodes in the cluster and the OCFS2 configuration file should be exactly the same for all of the nodes: node: ip_port Im trying to stabilish a OCFS2 cluster with the Slackware 12 and and kernel Note: The following commands are for documentation purposes only and do not need to be run when installing and configuring OCFS2 for this article! /etc/init.d/o2cb status Module "configfs": LoadedFilesystem "configfs": MountedModule

DRBD is configured and tested, im able to mount the device with the role Primary/Primary with no trouble. Storing this information in files in a directory allows OCFS2 to be extensible. The quickest way to move database is to backup the non-OCFS volume and restore to the OCFS2 volume. So node 0 writes to the first block, node 1 to the second, etc.

And sparse was added in 2.6.22. http://epssecurenet.com/format-error/p2-format-error.html Disabling Latency Based Scheduler. After clicking [OK], you will be presented with a warning dialog. It ships with OCFS2 1.2.3.

Node connectivity check failed. Once a node is deemed dead, the surviving node which manages to cluster lock the dead node's journal, recovers it by replaying the journal. The OCFS2 tools were compiled and the modules loaded, the modules came already compiled with the kernel. weblink Creating a NuoDB Transaction Engine.

What do I do? The node must match the hostname, but the IP need not be associated since any valid IP on the node can be used. The current default of 7 iterations of 2 seconds results in waiting for 9 iterations or 18 seconds.

The fs uses this feature to auto remount ro when encountering on-disk corruptions (instead of panic-ing).

Where are the backup super blocks located? Michael M. As in, a keepalive packet is sent if a network connection between two nodes is silent for this duration. Regards, Carlos. _______________________________________________ Ocfs2-users mailing list [email protected] http://oss.oracle.com/mailman/listinfo/ocfs2-users Thread at a glance: Previous Message by Date: RE: OCFS2 from 1.2.4 -> 1.2.7 - Failed dependencies Nevermind - please disregard the

ORA-01548 and ORA-30025 Using a HS connection to a Microsoft SQL server Oracle, Extracting Metadata. FAILED = libaio notInstalled glibc-devel (32bi..> 208 SuSE SLES9 rpms ok? PASSED = UnSet 100 Other O_Hs in PATH? http://epssecurenet.com/format-error/format-error-11.html I will be executing all commands in this section from linux1 only.

O2CB_BOOTCLUSTER=cldisk # O2CB_HEARTBEAT_THRESHOLD: Iterations before a node is considered dead. Node connectivity check passed for subnet "″ with node(s) rac02,rac01. To load the modules: # /etc/init.d/o2cb load To Online it: # /etc/init.d/o2cb online [cluster_name] To combine then, if the clusters configured load on boot: # /etc/init.d/o2cb start [cluster_name] The cluster name Kernel version check passed.

There are some security implications, documented in the exports manpage. Using the console, you will have to add the now node on all online nodes manually. Check Permissions on New OCFS2 Filesystem Use the ls command to check ownership. The permissions should be set to 0775 with owner "oracle" and group "oinstall".

As both Novell and Oracle ship OCFS2 on different schedules, the package versions do not match. Free disk space check passed. Create external table with headers in Netezza isnumber option to check data compliance Finding invalid data using to_timestamp and casting (::timestamp) Backups remain active on a Netezza host after failover. Swap space check passed.

For 120 secs, set it to 61.