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Post navigation ←Error #2037: Functions called in incorrect sequence, or earlier call wasunsuccessful.Error 1041: Attributes are notcallable.→ 4 thoughts on “An internal build error has occurred. corrected now. –Vishwas G Jan 15 '14 at 20:32 add a comment| 1 Answer 1 active oldest votes up vote 3 down vote accepted The documentation for Sound.load() says this: Once I'd like to send this back to flash, and looked and saw onUploadCompleteData available for AS 2 in fp9. Specifically, the File and FileReference classes must be initialized to reference a file path, before their properties can be accessed. navigate here

Re: Error 2037 File Reference MatteoLegittimo Mar 3, 2011 3:52 AM (in response to moccamaximum) ... I right click on it select more information and it loads this page, http://learn.adobe.com/wiki/display/Flex/Flex+Builder+3+Compiler+Errors It tells me to look at the log file but there is no log file??? FDT FDT Documentation FDT Resources (GitHub) How to improve performance Flash Platformer André Michelle Aral Balkan ByteArray.org Christian Cantrell Colin Moock Daniel McLaren David Deraedt Den Ivanov Drew Cummins Eugene Zatepyakin January 1, 2007 monkeypunch3 An internal build error has occurred.

Browse other questions tagged flex action or ask your own question. I had a component with an ID of "endOfWorkDay1" then I had a method called "endOfWorkDay". It happens for all files, single or multiple, even ones that are a few KBs in size.

Share this:FacebookTwitterGoogleTumblr Related Posted on 17/07/200819/04/2010Author derRaabCategories AIR, Flash, Flex Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. The following list introduces the major error types and terms: Compile-time errors are raised by the ActionScript compiler during code compilation. For example, this will cause the error: var f:File = new File(); trace(f.exists()); This will Notify me of new posts by email.

but i keep getting this output error "Error #2044: Unhandled IOErrorEvent:. If you have a plugin you recommend let me know. My goal is to get the content out where it can help. View 1 Replies Flash :: FileReference Won't Accept PNG On Mac?

Wordpress occasionally mangles, things. View 14 Replies Flash - Set Wav File To Filereference? Error: Error #2037: Functions called in incorrect sequence, or earlier call was unsuccessful. WordPress Admin current community chat Stack Overflow Meta Stack Overflow your communities Sign up or log in to customize your list.

troy March 4, 2010 at 5:35 pm This isn't a paid support site but look into SoundChannel and Sound.play to get it working. Here is the code I'm using:Code:pdfBtn.addEventListener(MouseEvent.CLICK, dothis);function dothis(e:MouseEvent):void {var fr:FileReference = new FileReference();[code].... Did Sputnik 1 have attitude control? This works well and good, however, i have no way to track the progress of the file upload, other then when it completely finishes uploading.

at flash.filesystem::File/_exists() at flash.filesystem::File/get exists() at com.adobe.air.filesystem::FileMonitor/set file()[/Users/mesh/src/ as3corelib/src/com/adobe/air/filesystem/FileMonitor.as:138] at com.adobe.air.filesystem::FileMonitor()[/Users/mesh/src/as3corelib/ src/com/adobe/air/filesystem/FileMonitor.as:94] at FileWatcher2/onFileSelect()[/Users/mesh/Documents/Flex Builder 3/ FileWatcher2/src/FileWatcher2Class.as:32] The error is thrown when trying to access a property of the File class http://epssecurenet.com/flex-3/flex-3-cydia-source.html I have tried adding a listener with IOErrorEvent.IO_ERROR. Making sense of U.S. I am using Flash Player Version 10.0Currently I am calling the HTTPService and in the resultHandler of that HTTPService i am getting an error in method filereference.save() .because this method is

To load a different sound file, create a new Sound object. Not the answer you're looking for? Please enable JavaScript to view the comments powered by Disqus. http://epssecurenet.com/flex-3/flex-3-error-1180.html Have been browsing the web quite a bit to figure this out and some say that the .htaccess file can be edited to make this work.

I know I can host the PHP on an unprotected domain, but I'd prefer not to do that. View 1 Replies ActionScript 3.0 :: FileReference Problem With IE (6.0.2900 And 8 Maybe)? Are independent variables really independent? "Rollbacked" or "rolled back" the edit?

The play button plays my audio and then the stop button stops it but then I can't press the play again.

  1. Also I was able to produce this with the same URL being used twice, and I was able to fix it by either creating a new Sound object or just not
  2. Run-time errors represent errors that are caused while a SWF file plays in Adobe Flash Player 9 or Adobe AIR.
  3. Text=Error #2032: Stream Error Oct 7, 2010 hey im trying to make a mp3 player and when u click on a play btn it plays that song.
  4. EvenSt-ring C ode - g ol!f Developing web applications for long lifespan (20+ years) What does dot forward slash forward slash mean (.//)?
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  6. I kept trying to reuse a sound object and didn't interrupt the error message to mean what you've smartly pointed out here.
  7. The oldFile is a private variable that is initialize in the whole program.
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If you successfully call the browse() method before beginning a file upload, Flash Player would dispatch several events. This tool uses JavaScript and much of it will not work correctly without it enabled. Any better way to determine source of light by analyzing the electromagnectic spectrum of the light Pronuncia strana della "s" dopo una "r": un fenomeno romano o di tutta l'Italia? But the error does not appear every time.

For example, the event handler could launch a dialog box that prompts the user to resolve the error. The cache might also be used for offline/online type activities. You can create an error event listener to wait for the application or user to try some operation, and if the operation fails, you catch the error with an event listener weblink more hot questions question feed default about us tour help blog chat data legal privacy policy work here advertising info mobile contact us feedback Technology Life / Arts Culture / Recreation

But of course be aware you're memory useage for caching like this can get large quickly. i get the error. I want to send the error to flex side. i having a play button and a stop button.

How to know CPU frequency? Appease Your Google Overlords: Draw the "G" Logo A better way to evaluate a certain determinant What's the most recent specific historical element that is common between Star Trek and the Open hemisphere is connected Exploded Suffixes Making sense of U.S. View 2 Replies Flex :: Send Error Message From Servlet To FileReference When Download?

Nov 9, 2009 I have created an image cropper application that upload an image, crop it and generates an jpg to server.BUT, this works perfectly well locally at my Mac at Jan 10, 2012 I am currently working in Flex 3.0 I am getting an error(screen shot is given below).