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Fisher And Paykel Washing Machine Error Codes


Action: Replace Display Module. (00101110) Phase 5 IW – Display EEPROM Check The Intuitive Display has detected a problem with its internal EEPROM. Check for open circuit windings in the pump.(Note: Pumps are fitted with a thermal cut-outthat will reset on cooling.)4. Action: Replace Motor Control Module. 55. (00110111) Phase 3 to 6 - System Step Fail Primary Source: Rotor Position Sensor. See fault codes 130 and 132 for service procedure. (10001000) Phase 1 to 6 - Motor Stall The Motor Controller has been unable to start the motor. have a peek here

level) (00100101) Phase 1 to 6 - Pump Blocked Error ( No change in the water While draining, the water level reading from the pressure sensor has not changed for over Secondary Source: Motor Controller module.(Display Module Phase 1) Action: Replace the Motor Controller module.(Display Module Phase 1) (00101000) Phase 1 to 6 - Bowl Dis-engage Fault While carrying out a bowl Action: Turn off Smartdrive at the wall and back on again after 5 seconds. Primary Source: Motor Controller module.

Fisher And Paykel Washing Machine Error Codes

Primary Source: Mechanical. Replace Motor Controller module. (10100001) Phase 2 to 6 - Hardware / EEPROM Supply Mismatch The Motor Controller checks the hardware configuration (ie. 110v or 230v ) against its EEPROM table Action: 1) Check that the drain hose is not squashed or kinked. 2) Check the length of the drain hose and try to reduce the length if excessively long. I assumed that the broken diode was the same as the other 1/8 W diodes, P/N 31J, which cross references to a 5.1 V zener.

She's called the company. Check resistance of temperature sensor. April 29, 2015 35 Kitchen Countertops Made Of Wood Ideas April 27, 2015 Best Types Of Mattresses and Where To Purchase For Less April 23, 2015 DIY $20 Dollar Beginner Wooden Fisher And Paykel Washing Machine Diagnostic Mode October 22, 2015 How To Remove Stains On A White Shirt - Stain Removal Guide October 21, 2015 Toilet Is Clogged And Filled To Top With Water - How To Flush

Also check the drain hose isnot blocked.5. It has definitely gotten more pronounced over time so I know problem is getting worse. Report your findings here. Talked to Australia.It needs bearings, suspension rods too, plus the hot and cold valves need replaced.

Primary Source: Water Valve connection Action: Check that both valves are connected up properly. Fisher Paykel Ecosmart Washer Error Codes Check for open circuit pump windings. This can be due to a Motor Controller module supply disturbance or microprocessor failure. Be sure the drain hose is connected per the installation instructions.Fisher and Paykel Dishwasher Dishdrawer Error Code E6 = The first 4 program indicator lights are flashing.

Fisher And Paykel Smart Drive Washing Machine Fault Codes

If the bowl contains water, then service thepump from the top of the SmartDrive byremoving the top deck and inner bowl. How To Fix: Turn the water and power off to the dishwasher and back on to try and reset. Fisher And Paykel Washing Machine Error Codes It's either $400 to fix or 799 to buy new, and they still make one model that works the same not a no water eco washer, i tried selling that and Fisher And Paykel 10000010 Action: Replace Motor Controller module. (01000001) Pressure Transducer Error [Ptx Frequency > 90 kHz] Note: this supersedes Fault code 65 from V41 Motor controller code onwards.

Restart. (00101011) Phase 1 to 6 - OOB Switch Fault The Motor Controller module has found that the signal returning from the out of balance switch indicates that the switch is http://epssecurenet.com/fisher-and/fisher-paykel-washing-machine-fault-codes.html Likely causes of this fault are a bad connection on the harness between the Rotor Position Sensor and the Motor Controller, or a faulty Rotor Position Sensor. If your SPT dishwasher is leaking water or you need the faucet adapter, answers and parts can be found here. Seek help.

I am in mid-troubleshoot mode on my GW712 and have only found the 4A fuse blown and vaporized PCB tracks as well. Fisher And Paykel Washing Machine Fault Code 130

May 13, 2016 How To Get One End Of A Stuck Drawstring Pulled Back Out Of A Hoodie? There are also a few samples of error codes you might see. April 27, 2016 How To Remove and Replace a Refrigerator Water Inlet Valve April 27, 2016 How Often Do Fire Extinguishers Need To Be Replaced? http://epssecurenet.com/fisher-and/fisher-and-paykel-washing-machine-fault-codes.html If it has wait until the pump cools down before restarting.

There will actually be no fault if this has happened. Fisher And Paykel 00100101 This feature is not available right now. Primary Source: Motor Controller module. (Display Module for Phase 1) Action: Replace Motor Controller module. (Display Module for Phase 1) (00000010) Phase 1 - Display Module Fault Phase 2 to 4

These resistors sometimes also blow up with the mosfet and go open circuit.

This may reset error. I think it is from a bad seal on the pump shaft allowing water to leak on to the pump motor. A 1 metre extension hose of the same diameter fitted to the existing drain hose is the maximum allowable length. 3) If the bowl is empty of water, remove the pump Fisher And Paykel 00110001 Action: 1.

Replace the stator. If the load was to one side of the bowl or too heavy it can be possible for the agitator to bind in one direction when trying to sense bowl float. Wall Or Bed Frame? this contact form Water tap not turned on.

If still faulty, replace the Display Module 3. If the fault persists, disable auto restart feature and retest. Sally Like Bookmark April 13, 2016 at 7:58PM Thank you for reporting this comment. March 30, 2015 Easiest Way To Prepare, Lay and Plant Sod In Your Yard March 28, 2015 Replace Cabinet Knobs With Handles - How To Fill Holes March 25, 2015 How

The following section from the Service Manual (found on-line) was helpful in making the diagnosis; I replaced the drain pump a few weeks ago, and the washer has been working fine Action: 1) Check that the out of balance switch is free to move. 2) Check that no harnesses are blocking switch movement. 3) Check that the switch operates correctly when activated. Undo dadoes spin cycle it pumps (recirclates ?) water in tub then goes to pump out / spin it doesn't, it beeps, and wash rinse and spin lights come on and Zeke is online now I have a GW712 with error light 00100101 Customer Question I have a GW712 Fisher and Paykel 7.5kg washing machine with error light 00100101.

This can be done by taking a resistance measurement between phases of the motor harness at the Motor Controller module end. Primary Source: Pump System.