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Fl1 Error Sundance Spa


In both cases, the spa heater will deactivate. May 16, 2014 Reply Joseph the PWA is your main circuit board inside the Sentry Control Box. Do you have any other suggestions? Your filters were just clogged restricting flow through them.

Arctic Spas backyard barbecue BBQ bbq chicken buying a hot tub cover cedar deck change filter chemicals cover cap error codes facebook facebook free contest fire pit grill hot tub hot Turning it on will reset cycle for the circulation pump. Contact the dealer or service technician. We are getting the FL1 error blinking and I've reviewed the manual which basically states it's a clogged filter (the filter is fine), or it's an air lock condition in the

Fl1 Error Sundance Spa

Please add an item to your cart to view shipping cost. Turned temp up to 104 (was/set at 98) and Heat indicator light came on......Turned power off, replaced filters, powered up checked temp this morning and it was 103......now turned back down I have the J330 Jacuzzi and have had problems with it since the day my wife and I bought it. (Air buttons always breaking, 3 top control panel changes, 2 waterfall No action is needed.

Measure resistance across switch terminals for infinite resistance with pump off. This setting is not user-programmable. We have tried it a few times. Jacuzzi Error Codes After the pump primes itself, the error message should go away.5.

I will give it a few more try's tonight before we call someone in. Jacuzzi J 345 Fl1 Error High-limit sensor located in the heater drywell is nonfunctional.Sn3: Heater is deactivated. A: First, don't go in your spa. "OH" means there is an overheat condition. If the FL1 msg does not go away and you have good water movement from your Jet 1 pump on speed 1 you would want to check your connection from the

Measure resistance across switch terminals for infinite resistance. Jacuzzi Error Code 616 Did your error code go away? I can see the flow switch and water appears to be moving fine. When it's all said and done you should see a little water movement in the footwell area of the tub, or if you place you palm of your hand over the

Jacuzzi J 345 Fl1 Error

Contact dealer or a service technician. If you power the spa down and power it back up it may work for a while but will do the same thing again. Fl1 Error Sundance Spa I figured I would have some issues having sat for so long, but everything worked fine when we bought it used. Jacuzzi Error Code Fl2 Check interlock jumper located on the sensor harness.

If problem persists, contact your authorized Jacuzzi dealer. DO NOT GET INTO THE WATER. 1. The jacuzzi spa J-315 hot tub spa is a 6 person hot tub. The The J-280 also has a very good step to enter the hot tub. Jacuzzi Fl1 Fix

Remove your filters. Very hot summer ambient temperatures can prevent the spa unit from cooling because it’s insulated construction is designed to minimize operating costs and hold in heat. Is it fixable? Remember, the cleanest spas have their filters replaced every 18-24 months.

Note: This test only works on 850 Series with Circulation Pump prior to 2001:Try turning the #1 pump which is 2 speed. Jacuzzi Error Code Cf The next step at this point is removing the side access panel on the spa so we can see if your circulation pump is gettng power to it. CF The clean filter timer has expired.The message will flash between “CF”and the water temperature.

Is it fixable?

We did this and it threw both codes, the SN1 and SN2. The Jacuzzi Spa J-135 has basic jetting making it an entry level hot tub . Indicates a shorted sensor and spa is shut down or an open sensor and heater is disabled. Sundance Spa Error Codes Start-up Malfunction Flow switch is malfunctioning.

Cleaned the inside and greased the moving parts and put it back together and re-installed it. If you have your manual, try to find a schematic showing where the pressure switch is and try the adjustment.If this has been helpful, please click the green accept icon.Thank you,Jay Contact dealer or a service technician. Filter and circulation pump is activated and the heater is deactivated DO NOT GET INTO THE WATER.