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Cooking For The Holidays? Prepare Healthier Desserts And Meals With These Tips

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The holiday season can be a challenging time for many adults, especially individuals struggling to lose weight. Seasonal desserts and other favorites can tempt you to eat more than you should. If you're in charge of baking or cooking your family's holiday meals, it can be even more challenging for you. Follow the weight control tips below to help you create the ideal holiday menu this season.

Opt for Fruit-Based Desserts Instead of Sugary Desserts

The recipes used to make cakes, pies, cookies, and even Yule logs all require you to add large amounts of refined sugar and other sweeteners to the batter. If you plan to make these types of desserts for your family, you can either use less sugar in them, or you can make desserts with substitute sweeteners. But be aware that even substitute sweeteners may be bad for your weight loss and management goals. Instead of adding refined sugar or substitute sweeteners to your dessert recipes, choose a natural alternative like fruit.

Apples, pears, kiwi, and even raspberries all contain natural sugar. Your body can digest natural sugar better than it can break down refined sugar. Natural sugar also contains minerals, vitamins, and a host of other nutrients your body needs to maintain a healthy weight and system. You can prepare your fruit in different ways, including baked and broiled. You can also spice up your fruit desserts with mint, cinnamon, cilantro, or even ginger. 

If you need additional ideas or help managing your weight during the season, speak to a weight management practitioner.

See a Weight Loss Specialist

A weight loss or management doctor can provide numerous services to you, including dieting tips. The tips are designed to lower your body fat and weight without harming your overall health. Some DIY weight loss plans require you to consume foods that may not benefit you. If your body doesn't receive the right amount of calories, protein, or nutrients each day, it can shut down. You can also experience problems with your heart, digestive system, liver, kidneys, and blood.

A weight loss doctor may also offer treatments that help you lose weight at a steady pace. For instance, some practitioners use special surgeries to help their patients lose and maintain a healthier weight. Other doctors may use prescription medications to help their clients. The type of treatment you need to lose weight may depend on your overall goals and health status.

For more information about managing your weight this season, contact a weight loss clinic today.