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Why Seek Interventional Injections For Your Chronic Pain?

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When you have severe or chronic pain, you have a hard time getting through the day. You feel like no matter what pain killers or exercises you try, the pain remains intense and hard to bear. Sometimes, the only way to find real relief from chronic pain is to have an injection, known as a nerve block, near the painful site to temporarily alleviate pain for a short period of time while you heal.

Interventional injections are what these nerve blocks are called, and they are generally given to patients in a clinical setting by an anesthesiologist or other professional. A nerve block you may have heard of is an epidural or a spinal block, commonly given during labor and delivery to make having a baby less stressful. Other nerve blocks can be injected into the spine, knee, neck, or other area of the body. Blocks can be comprised of steroids and other injections to make pain more bearable while going through surgery recovery or dealing with a chronic medical condition like multiple sclerosis. Learn why interventional injection services may be beneficial to you.

You get pain relief sooner

Sometimes, you just can't wait to get into your general doctor or a specialist to receive the pain management you need. When you become a patient at an interventional injection service, you can get scheduled in for a nerve block or other pain relieving injection more quickly, allowing you to better manage your symptoms.

You get access to many pain relieving options

An interventional injection service is skilled in helping patients of many ailments find physical relief from their pain. If you are unsure what type of injection will work for you or you've tried injections in the past to get little relief in return, then these services are for you. You can learn how to cope with your pain by trying new and innovative ways to block nerve pain and will be closely monitored by your specialist so if something is working well, you can continue with your treatments. If things are not going well, you can have your injections modified to meet your needs.

You get various medical treatments

You may be using pain medication now to manage your symptoms, but with interventional injection services, you can do more to keep your pain away. Your doctor can give you a referral to an interventional injection specialist or you can ask for one at your next general doctor appointment.

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