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How PRP Helps Tennis Players Stay Competitive

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Tennis is a sport that requires players to be at the peak of their physical health and conditioning in order to succeed. Unfortunately, torn tendons in the elbow can cause serious pain that may derail a player's career. Thankfully, PRP treatments can help you overcome this issue.

Tennis Players Often Experience Real Pain

When playing tennis, players are repeatedly swinging their arm and putting a strain on the elbow. This strain typically goes straight to the muscles and the tendons that make up the joint. Unfortunately, the tendons have a tendency to stretch and even snap through repeated use.

Injured or even broken tendons in the elbow cause a condition known as tennis elbow. When this problem occurs, tennis players will feel heavy pain whenever they use their elbow and will, likely, be unable to use it when they play tennis. And while treatment methods are available, healing isn't always easy.

Torn Tendons Often Don't Recover Well

When tendons get torn, the only way to recover without surgery is to put the arm in a brace and let them heal back together. Waiting the months that it can take to heal may put you behind in your tennis game and get you a little rusty. Even worse, it could take you out of competitive tournaments and cost you the chance to advance your career.

Unfortunately, tendons may not heal properly and end up being set in a way that is painful or limiting to a tennis player. Some might find that the elbow is too stiff and that their shots are harder to control. Thankfully, there are more advanced treatment methods, like PRP, that can help minimize this risk and provide a stronger healing environment for an elbow.

How PRP Can Help You Recover

PRP or platelet-rich plasma injections provide a variety of benefits for people with tennis elbow. First of all, these platelets provide a richer flow of blood that helps the fibers of the tendon reconnect more quickly than they would without the injection.

As a result of this treatment method, people who receive PRP often experience not only faster-healing tendons but ones that heal more effectively. In many cases, only a handful of PRP shots may be necessary to help a tennis player get on the road to recovering their full shot range.

So, if you are a tennis player who tore a tendon in the elbow, don't hesitate to reach out to professionals to get high-quality help. For example, PRP specialists can provide regular shots that get your tendons to heal better and more efficiently. For more information, contact a professional like Wayne Isaacson MD.