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3 Reasons Skin Removal Surgery After Major Weight Loss Is More Than Cosmetic

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Many people only think about skin removal surgery after a major weight loss as a cosmetic issue. Unfortunately, even small amounts of loose skin can become a medical issue. There are several medical concerns that might occur with loose skin.

1. Irritation

Small amounts of loose skin can easily cause irritation between skin folds, often because these areas are hard to keep dry and prevent friction. Although powders and other retail products can help, they are not always effective and may need to be reapplied throughout the day. When irritation becomes severe, it can lead to frequent skin infections. Some people also have an underlying inflammatory condition where sweat glands become severely inflamed, and this is exacerbated by loose skin. Having skin removal surgery, especially a panniculectomy or abdominoplasty, can minimize the major culprit of irritation, which is usually excess lower abdominal skin.

2. Heaviness

Although a person who lost a hundred or more pounds may only have five or 10 pounds of loose skin, when this weight is concentrated in a single area the skin can be difficult to carry around. Some people begin dealing with various aches and pains after major weight loss and do not realize the underlying problem is their loose skin. Excess skin on the abdomen can pull you forward and cause you to walk, stand, and sit hunched over. This change in your posture can easily contribute to back and neck pain. Also, excess skin on your arms and legs can make your extremities feel heavier and harder to lift. When loose skin becomes painful, the chronic pain can be debilitating and make it harder to maintain your weight loss.

3. Physical Limitations

When people have a major weight loss, exercise is often a significant part of their success. Fortunately, some people find activities they are passionate about, which helps them keep their weight off. When you have loose skin, being physically active is often uncomfortable and even painful. In cases where loose skin does not cause ongoing pain during day-to-day activities, loose skin can cause pain when jumping, running, or engaging in any physical activity. It is common for people with loose skin to wear compression garments when they exercise to help hold the loose skin in place and minimize movement or pulling. Skin removal can be vital for someone to remain active indefinitely and continue a healthier lifestyle.

Although loose skin can make you feel uncomfortable about your appearance, there are several reasons loose skin can be a medical concern. If you are experiencing irritation, pain, or physical limitations from excess skin, there are various procedures to improve your quality of life. Call your cosmetic surgeons office today for more information and assistance.